De Wolfe sucks out to avoid the rail

De Wolfe sucks out to avoid the rail

Saturday, 25 September 2010

So far we’re only about fifty minutes into the first level of Day 2 but already we’ve lost more than a table’s worth of players. Roland De Wolfe, who we forgot to mention is at the Bansi/Shulman table, nearly joined them.

We came over as Roland moved all in for his last 19,100 into a pot of around 14,000. Praz Bansi quickly folded but Daniel Steinberg on the button contemplated the 5d-Td-As-4c board for an eternity before counting out the three pink chips, four yellow chips and a single brown 100 for a call. He riffled these with very, very shaky hands for a good four minutes before calling with J-J.

It was good. De Wolfe turned over 8s-6s for nothing but a gutshot straight draw and needed a seven on the river to stay alive – tournament poker being tournament poker, it came and the WSOP/EPT/WPT champion increased his stack to over the 50,000 mark. Steinberg got up and left – he still has plenty of chips but he’s probably pissed off.

That’s poker – you make a great call and still lose. So far we’ve lost 11 players in just the first hour; at this rate we’ll be down to less than a hundred contenders by the end of play.

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