Clock please!

Clock please!

Saturday, 25 September 2010

I was going out for a quick ciggie when I heard "CLOCK PLEASE" from Table 20 - that's Eli Elezra, Huck Seed, John Doland and Filippo Candio so I rushed - well, ambled - over to see the fuss.

Jason DeWitt had raised to 1,300 on the button and Huck Seed in the big blind had 3-bet to 3,600. ... yes, that's it. No all-in, no big overbet, just a standard 3-bet. It appeared that DeWitt had been thinking for quite some time and Elezra called the clock.

The floor appeared and informed DeWitt he had one minute and ten seconds to act with the last ten counted aloud. However, Jason mucked and conceded the pot to Seed before thirty seconds had passed. This lead to inevitable banter:

"I'm sorry," said Eli. "I had to, you took so long to decide about calling a 2,000 raise."

"Well it wasn't calling," DeWitt replied. "I was folding or shoving."

"I had to call clock," Elezra insisted with his apology. "It wasn't an all-in and it was very long time."

"I understand," said DeWitt amicably. "You have every right to call the clock."

Seed then went on to tell the table how he had called the clock on himself yesterday and the mood was cheerful - no Tiffany Michelle-esque clock arguments here.

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