Benyamine busto; Blom, Greenstein increase stacks

Benyamine busto; Blom, Greenstein increase stacks

Friday, 24 September 2010

David Benyamine is out of the door mid-way through the fifth level of the WSOPE. He took an early lead when he turned a straight against top set and doubled up in level one but this is proof that a tournament isn't won on the first day.

We got a few words from Benyamine, who seemed more concerned with collecting £12,600 from The Empire's cash desk. £25/£50 game or some degenerate casino betting?

He was all-in pre-flop against JC Tran and another player. His 6-6 couldn't find salvation on a king high board and Tran turned over KJ for the win. Benyamine has left the building, like the proverbial Elvis.

We saw Barry Greenstein take down a pot on a 2-2-3-J board when his opponent folded A-4 to a 3,500 turn bet. The table chatter indicated that ace high might well have been the best hand; we only saw his opponent's cards by mistake when he lifted them too high.

Viktor bloomin' Blom, eh? He overbet bluffs all the time and yet when you look him up... he bet 40,000 into a 25,000 pot on the river of a K-7-8-9-Q board and his opponent uumed and aahed before calling with 9-9. Blom showed J-T and his stack soars to 132,000. We're looking forward to the "Isildur1 leads WSOPE" headline tomorrow...

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