Baldassari wins first two heads-up hands

Baldassari wins first two heads-up hands

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

With heads-up underway the first two hands of the confrontation have been quiet affairs going the way of Italy.

Heads-up hand #1 - Baldassari raises to 130,000; Bord folds.

Heads-up hand #2 - Bord calls 30,000; Baldassari checks. The flop is 8h-7s-Th and Baldassari check-calls a 100,000 bet. The turn is the 9h and Baldassari checks; Bord checks behind. The river makes a 8h-7s-Th-9h-Jd board for a straight on the board but flush possibilities. Baldassari bets 300,000 and Bord thinks for a few moments before folding.

Those two hands have seen Baldassari make a 180,000 gain.

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