Baldassari takes another from Lee

Baldassari takes another from Lee

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Fabrizio Baldassari is, quite simply, owning it. He seems to have Ronald Lee figured out and is putting him under constant pressure in big pots. Lee is down to a 1.7m stack after their latest conflict.

The two saw a flop of Q-9-5 with two diamonds and checked through. Lee bet out on the 5h turn and Baldassari raised the 150k to a total of 410,000. Lee tanked again after yet another flop raise from the Italian but then made it 825,000 to go.

Baldassari sat back and studied Lee's stack for a few minutes before sliding out three racks of white 25,000 chips; enough dollars to set Lee all-in. The New Yorker folded before the bet had been counted and Baldassari stood up in celebration as the pot was shipped his way and he got a kiss from a lovely lady on the rail.

Because if you're a ruggedly good-looking Italian with the chip lead at the final table of European poker's most prestigious tournament, you might as well have a hot piece in the crowd just to really rub it in.

The chip counts are thus:

Fabrizio Baldassari - 6,365,000

James Bord - 2,310,000

Ronald Lee - 1,710,000

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