Arnaud Mattern finishes in 12th place; Andrew Pantling 11th

Arnaud Mattern finishes in 12th place; Andrew Pantling 11th

Monday, 27 September 2010

PokerStars Pro Arnaud Mattern was rocking his short stack for hours but unfortunately his spectacular comeback has ended. Down to just 12,000 at the 4k/8k blind level, Mattern doubled up again and again to hit 184,000 by the 5k/10k. He eventually moved in with Kd-Td for his last 124,000 and was promptly isolation raised by Brian Powell.

It wasn’t good for Mattern – his hand was dominated by Powell’s K-J and Mattern hit the rail after an eight high board failed to improve either player. Mattern receives £54,114 for his efforts but he won’t be claiming a World Series of Poker bracelet just yet. At the exact same time as this hand was playing out, however, we heard the cry of “ALL IN AND A CALL!” from the feature table.

Andrew Pantling won’t be making his second World Series of Poker Europe final table this year. He reluctantly called off his stack with Q-Q once he had 3-bet Nicolas Levi and Daniel Steinberg (who has been playing stupendously this tournament, we might add) cold 4-bet from the small blind. Pantling obviously hated calling but did so and was delighted to see that Steinberg was bluffing with 6-6.

Not so delightful was the K-6-8 flop that had the room in an uproar. Another king on the turn wasn’t the right kind of paint for online high stakes player ‘Clockwyze’ and a blank river finished it. Nevertheless, this plus his runner-up finish to Phil Laak in Event #1 means he has total cashes of £160,000 in this WSOPE.

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