Anthony Newman eliminated; 17 players remain

Anthony Newman eliminated; 17 players remain

Monday, 27 September 2010

We’re now down to just 17 players at the World Series of Poker Europe Main Event since we just lost Anthony Newman. He 3-bet his remaining 200,000 chips quickly over James Bord’s 29,000 raise and received an equally quick call. Bord held A-Q and Newman J-J for an either-way confrontation.

A flop of K-Q-2 pretty much sealed the deal and left Newman drawing to two jacks or the unlikely runner-runner straight. Bord, for some reason, called for a trey and received it on the 3d turn. The river wasn’t a jack and Newman left the building £33,285 richer than he entered it.

Flying in under the radar, Victory Poker CEO Dan Fleyshman has joined the seven-figure chip counts after taking down a big pot with two pair against Marc Inizan who is back down to his 242,000 short stack. Fleyshman claims he’s not much of a poker player but he seems to be doing alright from where we’re standing.

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