Action resumes at WSOPE Main Event

Action resumes at WSOPE Main Event

Thursday, 23 September 2010

The cards are back in the air after a 20 minute break at The Empire; 131 players have returned for Level 2 with Pierre Canali still our chip leader on what looks to be around 65,000. We’ve been prowling the hall for familiar faces and thought we’d start with updates on our defending champions.

John Juanda is at one of the toughest tables in the room with Allen Kessler and Chris Ferguson seated across from him. His stack is about half of what he began the day with but as we went past we noted he added an extra 825 to it by 3-betting an under the gun raiser and taking it down without a fight.

Annette Obrestad fared less well against an under the gun raiser – she called pre-flop three way with the big blind and called the 1,100 bet that forced out the player in the blind. The turn of the Ac-4s-5d-Ad board saw Annette bet 2,250 into a check from her opponent, who called and checked the 4d river. Obrestad checked behind and tapped the table when her opponent turned over Kd-7d for the rivered flush; the Norwegian is on around 30,000 in chips now.

Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst is here before she jets off to France to play out the final table of the Partouche Poker Tour. She had lost all but 500 of her chips in a typical KK v AA confrontation but has clawed back to what looks like just over 2,000 – in the half-light of the corner tables it’s difficult to distinguish 100 and 500 chips and she gave Matt Perry a dirty enough look as he counted that we felt it best to just estimate.

We also found the online kid of the moment, Daniel “jungleman12” Cates, getting a massage from one beautiful lady and forcing another off a As-Ts-9s flop with a raise to 2,400. He seems to be gaining slow momentum and is slightly over his 30,000 starting stack.

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