Todd Brunson Eliminates Phil Ivey

Todd Brunson Eliminates Phil Ivey

Saturday, 26 September 2009

I must be a curse on Ivey – no sooner had I entered the room to watch his hand than he announced he was all-in on the turn of a 7s-9s-Jd-Ts board. Todd Brunson made the call with As-6c and Ivey tabled 8c-9c for the straight.

However, poker is cruel and the 4s river shipped the pot to Texas Dolly Jr. Ivey showed the most emotion he perhaps ever has in his life after tapping the table and muttering “my God” before getting up to leave and brushing past me.

You hear that? Phil Ivey TOUCHED ME. That’s the important piece of news you should take away from this.

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