The bubble bursts

The bubble bursts

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Losing an all-in with aces is a nasty experience but losing with aces after three long days only to finish one off the money is in a whole new ball-park of ugly.

That’s what happened to 2007 WSOPE Main Event runner-up John Tabatabai. His raise pre-flop was met with a re-raise by Peter Gould and naturally Tabatabai shoved the remainder of his chips in the middle. Gould tabled 7s 7d and was far behind the pocket rockets of Tabatabai.

However, the board ran out 7c Js 10h 9h 10s and, taking it like the good sportsman he is, John Tabatabai finished in 37th place - on the bubble.

On that rather sour note the action has ended for the night and will resume again tomorrow with 36 players returning to take a shot at the bracelet and WSOPE 2009 title.

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