The action is picking up pace as the field is reduced to 207

Friday, 18 September 2009

As i wade my way through the jungle of tables here at the Empire, skipping up and down the stairs, i make some random observations that i feel may or may not be of interest to people...

Devilfish orders a cup of tea and get’s momentarily short-changed. He makes a joke, people laugh, usual Dave Ulliott antics really. I pop down stairs briefly and next time i come up he is standing up from his chair. He mutters something about losing to trip 4’s. He moves over to some people he knows and says ‘Hey, the good thing is we are in London and it’s Friday night....’ Hmmmm.... i wonder what he means by that. Stay away from the red lights Dave!

Barry Greenstein and Vitaly Lunkin are sitting opposite each other on the same table. Lunkin just chucked the remainder of his short stack in the middle with Q2 and spiked a queen on the flop to beat his opponent’s pocket nines. However, even with that double-up his stack is hardly threatening.

Cramped behind Table Greenstein sits Table Roland De Wolfe, and the man himself is making sturdy progress... He wins a hand with King eight and announces “Roland de Wolfe is King eight” – not sure what that means...but i dig it.

Stay tuned for more random

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