Phil Ivey and I...

Phil Ivey and I...

Saturday, 19 September 2009

Not only did Phil Ivey rock up most fashionably late, but within only moments of sitting down he had more than doubled-up. Then, shortly after the beginning of level five Ivey’s table was broken up and, as he looked for his new seat, he stopped and looked at me, obviously deducing that I looked like a knowledgeable and cool kind of guy and asked ‘Do you know where table 16 is?’

Instead of being like Ohhhhhh my gooddddd Phil Ivey just spoke to me, I calmly said ‘yes I do –it’s over there Phil, good luck’

‘Thanks’ he said, and as he turned away and walked towards his new table I whispered;

‘Hey Phil, maybe when this tournament is over we could hit the town together, maybe check out a hip-hop joint, bounce with some honeys , waddya say?’

‘Sure’, he said. ‘Come find me after Jesse, you da man’

‘No you da man Phil’, I snapped back as he walked away – and as I do so he turns, gives me the gun point and says ‘no doubt’.

Ok I made most of that up, but whatever it could've of happened. On a more truthful note; I spotted Chris Ferguson, who currently sits with the chip lead of 19K, reading Bluff Europe magazine – not only is he a great poker player but the guy also has taste! Nice.

In other news – James Akenhead, John Tabatabai and Antonio Esfandiari all busted out early, and more recently Live Boeree hit the rail. Ferguson leads, with Ivey not too far behind. Go Phil Ferguson!

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