Phil Hellmuth arrives late for WSOPE Main Event dressed as Caesar

Phil Hellmuth arrives late for WSOPE Main Event dressed as Caesar

Saturday, 26 September 2009

Phil Hellmuth’s fetish for over-the-top entrances continues to put a smile on our faces here at Bluff.

Continuing in his usual tradition of arriving late for World Series Main Events, Hellmuth trotted into Leicester Square on horse-drawn chariot to a swarm of awaiting crowd. Whether the crowd knew what they were waiting for was uncertain - it is also possible that people were more interested in the girls in short skirts that accompanied this strange man dressed as a Roman. Blank expressions from some of the crowd read like ‘who the hell is this guy?’ Ladies and gentleman this guy is Phil Hellmuth, The Emperor of Poker – now bow down and kiss his feet.

Several autographs and smirking poses later and Phil Hellmuth was being directed to his seat at the awaiting feature table. Doyle Brunson, also sat at the feature table, looked briefly amused but by no means surprised by Hellmuth’s latest antics. Afterall, this is not the first time Hellmuth has chosen a Roman entrance to the WSOPE. A head shaking motion from the Texas Doyle was perhaps an indication of the fact that the profession he chose a long time ago will never cease to amuse him.

To watch his entrance visit:

To watch him taking his seat opposite Doyle Brunson and co visit:

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