Paul Zimbler starts record attempt

Paul Zimbler starts record attempt

Monday, 21 September 2009

London based poker professional Paul Zimbler has started his heads-up challenge in attempt to raise £50,000 for the Make a wish and Sparks Children charity. He aims to play around 200 people continuously for 80 hours and who better to start off the challenge against then poker legend Doyle ‘Texas Dolly’ Brunson himself.

Of course, Doyle won, but then you would expect as much wouldn't you. Richard Ashby and Roberto Romanello have both faced ‘The Marbella Kid’ in the early stages of this challenge too. Another exciting match-up that was sure to turn heads was the encounter between Paul and...errr....myself.

Yes, for a bit of media coverage the team behind the challenge thought it would be a good idea to get me involved. Obviously I jumped at the chance to play – mainly because i have been watching poker here at the WSOPE for four straight days and have been itching to play myself – but also’s for charity innit.

So.... i sat down, introduced myself and posted the small blind. However, minutes in and already i was struggling with a decision. My journalist-senses were conflicting with my spider/ poker -sense and immediately i was stuck about whether or not to ask him some questions about the charitable cause or turn on my usual poker face and keep schtum. After a small bit of probing i opted for the latter. ..but i still lost. I got annoyed and decided to bluff all-in to make up for my lack of cards. Game over.

Anyhow, all credit to Paul as he looks to complete this world record attempt. He is missing out on the WSOPE action for the cause - having already missed out on this year’s WSOP in order to play the Poker Million. The lengths that people go for charity ey...

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