Oh no! Akenhead busts…

Oh no! Akenhead busts…

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Having been card dead for most of the day, James Akenhead’s chip stack had steadily dwindled down to below 500,000. In response to a raise from the cut-off by Chris Bjorin, James Akenhead pushed the remainder of his short-stack into the middle from the button only to hear an ‘all-in’ from Negreanu on his left. Chris Bjorin quickly got out the way, flashing A J and Negreanu and Akenhead both flipped their cards.

Akenhead showed AQ and Negreanu tabled a premium KK. With one ace out of the picture, Akenhead was hoping to hit one of the two remaining aces in the deck. However, to the disappointment of the November Nine man, as well as half the crowd here at the Empire supporting him , the poker gods were in no mood to reward the man already guaranteed $1 million for his position on the WSOP final table.

I caught up with him briefly outside as he went for his de-stress cigarette.

‘Unlucky mate’ I tell him. ‘No cards ey?’

‘Not really’ he says, ‘I had aces early on but got no callers – apart from that nothing’

Then he took a phone call. Poor James. He still walks away with £51,536 for his ninth place finish. We'll try and catch up with him a bit later.

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