Markus Ristola out in 5th

Markus Ristola out in 5th

Thursday, 1 October 2009

After losing a few chips to the re-vitalised Praz Bansi, Markus Ristola was next to fall victim of Negreanu

Markus Ristola was fairly short-stacked (around 700,000 chips) when he decided to push from the big blind after Negreanu had raised from under the gun. Negreanu made the call and flipped A 5 of clubs. Ristola showed K 10 diamonds, in need of some help. The flop brought no help for Ristola but the king on the turn looked as if he was going to snatch the pot and get a hefty double-up of Negreanu – who would be left short-stacked as a result. However, the ever awe-inspiring river card brought a sneaky ace and it was all over for Ristola. The Finnish player leaves with £200,367 in 5th place.

4 remain…..

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