JP Kelly wins Event #1 of WSOPE

JP Kelly wins Event #1 of WSOPE

Monday, 21 September 2009

JP Kelly has won the first event of the World Series of Poker Europe 2009 and in doing so has become the first British player to win a WSOPE bracelet. Not only this, but the young lad has now notched up a second gold bracelet win this year.

Having dominated day 1a of the event, Kelly came into Day 2 with the chip lead and never fell out of the top 5. He gradually amassed chips and never lost his cool – even when Ganesh ‘the gob’ was at his table. He arrived at the final table third in chips and bided his time, picking the right spots and never putting his tournament life on line.

When heads-up began Fabien Dunlop had a 3 to 1 chip advantage. Throughout the final table, and for the whole tournament for that matter, monsieur Dunlop had been a mighty aggressor – raising a large percentage of pre-flop hands and pushing people off pots with, perhaps, the only two words I heard him mutter all day. ‘All-in’.

As expected, Dunlop wasted no time before he was all-in heads-up. JP Kelly made the call, revealing Ac10c. Dunlop showed Ad5d and despite two diamonds falling on the flop, the turn and river bricked and Kelly was back in the game.

Reading his opponent’s game to perfection, Kelly picked up a few pots thereafter and eased into the chip lead – showing all the signs of an experienced player. Sensing a need to twist the momentum back in his favour, Dunlop continued to raise the majority of pots pre-flop. Then the hand came:

Dunlop raised to 30K from the button and Kelly flat called. The flop arrives 9 2 3 and Kelly checks to Dunlop who bets out 60,000. Kelly raises to 150,000 and without hesitation Dunlop announced ‘all in’. A quick call from Kelly proceeded and he flipped over pocket aces. Dunlop sheepishly showed 7 3 for mid-pair.

The crowd gathered around and it looked as if JP Kelly was about to make his mark at the WSOPE until... BOOM - to the dismay of Kelly and crowd alike, the turn brings another 3. A sigh passes through the crowd. The 8 on the river brings no help for JP and Dunlop relinquishes the chip lead.
However the poker gods looked favourably upon Kelly and before long both players were all-in on a 8 J Q board. Kelly held 9 10 for the nuts and Dunlop could only muster up ace-high. Kelly doubled up and the stacks were even again.

Then came the biggie. On a Qd7h10d board, both players got all the chips in, and once again it was Kelly who was firm favourite to win the hand. He held Kd8d for the flush draw and was up against Dunlop’s Jd2d lower flush draw. Dunlop once again needed some serious help. The turn came the 5c and a 3d on the river, giving Kelly the higher flush.

A solid performance throughout and a much deserved victory for the lad. Congratulations.

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