JP Kelly in control...

JP Kelly in control...

Sunday, 20 September 2009

JP Kelly, baseball cap and oversized headphones, continues to find chips gravitating his way and his stack has increased 70,000 during today’s play. Hunched over his palatial stack he looks like a man who means business. He leads the pack with a monstrous 170,000 chips, picking off short stacks left, right and centre.

Chris Ferguson finds his table surrounded by spectators hoping to see a miracle from ‘Jesus’ himself and as players continue to fall (45 remain at time of writing) the chances of one of the marquee players at this year’s tournament getting to the final table look increasingly likely.

Roland de Wolfe fans out there will be disappointed to hear that his push on the button with A9 was picked off on the small blind by the AJ of Stefane Hanson. He finished before the money. See below the list of money finishers:

46 Aleksey Arakelov $2,359
47 Julian Hoffman $2,359
48 Markus Ristola $2,359
49 Markus Golser $2,359
50 Vivien Ma $2,359
51 Andy Kyprianou $2,359
52 Constance Kirkwood $2,359
53 Paul Brammer $2,359
54 Tim Molyneux $2,359
55 Duncan Macrie $2,006
56 Adam Matusiak $2,006
57 Edward Keljik $2,006
58 Talal Shakerchi $2,006
59 Azzy Asghar $2,006
60 Nicolas Levi $2,006
61 Nicholas Holbrook $2,006
62 Stephen Bradbury $2,006
63 Goran Gratte $2,006

The bubble burst as Robert Lim crashed out in 64th place, to the relief of all remaining short stacks. Since, many smaller stacks have been making moves safe in the knowledge of a guaranteed payday. 45 remain at the tea break and as blinds continue to rise and the mouth-watering prospect of a place on the final table becomes a more tangible reality to players out on the floor, the mood around the tables is a heady mix of nerves and excitement as we start to approach the big money places.

Meanwhile action has re-started after the break and a good-size crowd has gathered at table Juanda to see, among others, last year’s main event winner in action.

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