Heads-Up: JP Kelly vs Fabien Dunlop

Heads-Up: JP Kelly vs Fabien Dunlop

Monday, 21 September 2009

It's the heads-up we all expected. JP Kelly vs Fabien Dunlop. England vs France. Both players are aggressive and both are hungry.

Adnan Alshamah was our third place finisher after raising and, moments after, calling an all-in from Fabien Dunlop. Dunlop tabled Ah8h whilst Alshamah showed KsQd.

The flop brough a king, shooting the percentages into Adnan's favour, but the ace on the turn and the brick on the river sealed the deal for Dunlop.

Adnan Alshamah finishes 3rd for £55,468.

Dunlop takes 1,365,000 chips into heads-up play to Kelly's 498,000.

Wow - and before i even have time to finish writing this both players are all in.

JP Kelly has Ac10c and he is dominating the Ad5d of Dunlop.

Flop: Td8sJd An 'Oooooh' from the squirming crowd.

Turn: 4s

River: Js

Phew!! JP Kelly doubles up and now we have a proper battle on the cards. Both players have about even chips now.

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