Hawrilenko, Saout and Bjorin bust in quick succession

Hawrilenko, Saout and Bjorin bust in quick succession

Thursday, 1 October 2009

After bringing news of Akenhead’s ninth place bust to Negreanu, two other player have dropped out within a hand of each other and then another a few hands later.

First to go was Matt Hawrilenko who pushed from the small blind with the remains of his short stack. However, Shullman woke to find AQ in the big blind and quickly called. Hawrilenko tabled a less not-so-impressive J 7 – but two live cards nonetheless.

The board brought no help and Matt Hawrilenko was our 8th place finisher, taking away with him £87,074.

The very next hand another player was called all-in. This time it was Antoine Saout turn to try and double up – and it was close. His pocket fives almost held up against Negreanu’s AQ of spades. The flop brought two spades, the turn bricked and the river brought the third spade, completing a flush for Negreanu and sending the November Niner out in 7th place for a £114,228 payday.

Soon after, Chris Bjorin got all his chips in the middle and once again Daniel Negreanu was the assassin. Bjorin tabled A J but was up against a dominating A K. Again no shocks and Bjorin tumbled out in 6th place for £150,267.

Then...yes there is more. There was another short stack all-in. This time it was Hit Squad member Praz Bansi who was called all-in by Jason Mercier. However Praz’s pocket Jacks looked in good shape against the pocket tens of Mercier, and five cards later they were still good to take the pot and a much needed double-up for Bansi.

And then there were five...

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