Final two tables playing down in Event #2

Final two tables playing down in  Event #2

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

We are down to 2 tables in Event 2 – with Mr Karelas Konstantinos the unfortunate soul to finish on the bubble in 18th place.

Sampo Lopponen sneaked into the money with his 18th place finish and collected £5,660. He was knocked out by Ian Frazer who was far in front after both players got it all in pre-flop. Lopponen tabled 77 vs Frazer’s 88.

Out in 16th was Vitaly Lunkin who saw a flop with his 3h3c9d9s and watched as it materialized into a set on a 3s 8c 2c board. All the money went in on the flop vs Howard Lederer who held Ac4c8sKs for all kind of flush potentials and an inside draw to the wheel straight.

The 5d on the turn completed the straight for Lederer and a Qh on the river did not help Lunkin. He too collects £5,660. Subsequently Lederer doubles-up to around 90,000.

Still going strong is Ian Frazer, who mustered up a cash finish in Event 1 and is the only player to cash in both events. He sits with around the 50k mark. Also in the hunt is old-timer Men Nguyen who has an-ever growing stack of around 140,000.

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