Erik Cajelais wins Event #2 of WSOPE

Erik Cajelais wins Event #2 of WSOPE

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Erik Cajelais or 'Mr Tattoo' as i like to call him (he is smothered in them) has defeated a tough final table to take down Event #2 of the WSOPE. Coming into the final table, Erik was up against some well respected players in the form of Howard Lederer, Men Nguyen, Chris Bjorin and Ian Frazer - but the young Canadian out-muscled his opponents to win the £104,677 first prize and his first World Series bracelet.

For the last two hours or so, one could be mistaken for thinking that both Robin Keston and Erik Cajelais looked more concerned with their dwindling chip stacks in Event #3 than the action on the final table they were sat.

Having lost Men Nguyen in 4th place not so long ago, play resumed 3-handed on the final table of Event #2.Cajelais called Ngyuen all in pre-flop with Js10s and the Master tabled As8s. The flop of Ks 8c 5s was good for Nguyen who looked favourite to double up, but a running 7c and 9c on turn and river gave Cajelais the straight.

When play broke 3-handed, Cajelais and Keston ran off to their empty seats in the £5,000 PL Omaha Event and both busted within minutes of sitting down - i expect, in a desperate attempt to double-up. Keston’s chips were offloaded to none other than a certain Tom ‘durrrr’ Dwan, who has kept a surprisingly low profile all day.

When both players returned to their final table seats it was Keston who was next to go. He moved all-in with pocket deuces in a round of hold’em after Cajelais had made a pot bet. However, Cajelais had a monster in KK and with no deuce appearing on the board Keston was knocked out in 3rd place, winning £47,858.

Having taken out Keston, Cajelais now had a commanding chip advantage over his heads-up oppenent Mats Gavatin - with over 1 million chips to Gavatin’s 180,000. It was therefore of no surprise that all the chips were in the middle before long. Gavatin held 10d 10s 9c 8c and was up against Qh Jd 9s 7s of Eric.

The board came out Ad Qd Qc Ah Js and Cajelais was crowned champion of Event #2 - £2,500 PLH/PLO. Let’s hope that bracelet fits onto that strong wrist of his...

Final Payouts for today’s finishers:

1st Eric Cajelais – £104,677
2nd Mats Gavatin - £64, 705
3rd Robin Keston – £47,858
4th Men Nguyen - £35, 412
5th Richard Gryko - £26, 619

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