Early Birds hit the rail on Day 1a of Event #1

Early Birds hit the rail on Day 1a of Event #1

Friday, 18 September 2009

After losing a third of his stack very early on - when his pocket sevens ran into pocket aces on a flop showing three kings - Phil ‘the Poker Brat’ Hellmuth sat patiently, cross-armed, and in his usual stiff upright position, waiting for his moment to offload his remaining 1,000 chips.

When the time finally came Phil raised and then called a small re-raise holding 5h6h. The flop came 4d3d10c and Hellmuth couldn’t wait to get the remainder of his money in. To his dismay, the turn and river ran out 9s and the Qc and his opponent’s pair of Kings were good to knock out the Poker Brat.

Next it was Neil Channing’s turn to hit the rail. His raise with Qc9c pre-flop saw one caller in Richard Kellett and both took to a 9h 5c 2d flop. Channing’s continuation bet was met with a re-raise and Channing opted to see a turn. The 4c on the turn then saw fire-works go off as Channing check-raised all in only to see himself up against the wheel of Kellett as he tabled A3. The river brought no club and Channing was left pondering what to do next.

I think the cash games could get quite exciting soon.....

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