Day 1a of Event #1 comes to an end with Brits leading the field

Day 1a of Event #1 comes to an end with Brits leading the field

Saturday, 19 September 2009

After a grueling day of poker that saw a field of 329 whittled down to 40, JP Kelly, Richard Kellett and Ian Frazer are flying the British flag as they sit atop of the leaderboard.

Ian Frazer was involved in one of the biggest, strangest, and subsequently, last hands of the day that saw him double up to around 45K after his opponent, L. David Rowen, got creative with Jd8d. Somehow all the chips went in before the flop and Ian Frazer turned over a pair of dominating kings. No nastiness proceeded and Frazer was left raking in a timely pot. Rowan was left licking his wounds with only 17,000 chips to take into Day 2 on Sunday.

Late to fall was Jeff Madsen who’s 4 bet shove was picked off by...who other than action junkie Richard Kellett! Kellett’s pocket Tens held up against the AK of Madsen to send him crashing out.

Kellett joins J P Kelly and Ian Frazer amongst the leaders of the Day 1 pack. Also still in the mix is Roland de Wolfe who sits with a below average stack of 10K.

Join us for tomorrow as Day 1b promises to bring some exciting action and some exciting new faces.

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