Chip leaders located

Chip leaders located

Friday, 18 September 2009

It appears i have finally found someone who looks like he could be the chip leader...oh no wait, there are a few of them.

Cristiano Blanco, propped up on one of the three tables on the feature stage, is an Italian Everest Poker Pro and is nursing a healthy stack of around 24K.

Also in contention for the chip lead is a relatively unknown player named Swee Chai. Swee is also sitting pretty above 20K. Not far behind is Raymond Rahme who also has chips verging on the 20,000 mark...

With the remaining field fast approaching 100 players for day 1, players with big chip stacks are starting to make their move away from the pack. The small stacks, however, may well be thinking about making some moves before the dinner break at 7pm. I am already contemplating an early move towards the food canteen.

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