Akenhead and Devilfish clash

Akenhead and Devilfish clash

Tuesday, 29 September 2009

On a feature table that boasts some impressive names including Eric Liu, Ram Vaswani and Chris Bjorin - the Devilfish and James Akenhead face-off in a pot that...errr...doesn't end too well for our boy James.

Having raised and taken a pot down, James Akenhead proceeded to raise the next hand to 7,000 under the gun (with blinds at 1,500/3,000). Devilfish called on the cutoff and Ram Vaswani called from the big blind.

The board: 3h 4h 5s

Vaswani checks and Akenhead makes a pot-sized bet. Devilfish then moves all in, Vaswani folds and Akenhead snap calls, turning over Ac 2c for the flopped wheel. Devilfish flips 6s 6d and is drawing thin with only 7 outs.

The turn: 9c - no help to the Devilfish who needs to hit a deuce or a seven on the river or he is busteramus

The river: 7c - Ouch! The Devilfish makes his straight and James Akenhead is crippled. Poor James looked distraught.

Devilfish now has 335,000 whilst Akenhead has dropped to just over 200,000.

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