WSOPE £10,300 Main Event Day 1a completed

WSOPE £10,300 Main Event Day 1a completed

Friday, 24 September 2010

Despite holding a chip lead for several hours, Arnaud Mattern took a hit against Huck Seed in a 65,000 chip pot where Mattern mucked to Seed’s AJ on a J-9-2-J-Q board, losing him a chunk of his stack but not by any means crushing him. He still has just over 100,000 as we approach the end of level six.

The French in general have been really out in (tour de) force with Mattern, Nicolas Levi , Almira Skripchenko and Pascal LeFrancois all building up stacks towards the six-figure range. Hendon mobster Ross Boatman is representing the UK with a 85,000 stack but brother Barny and fellow mob member Joe Beevers are still alive.

Jake Cody had built up over 50,000 in chips but ran into top set to take him down to less than his starting stack by the end of the 300/600/50 level. Toby Lewis, when he has been not on his iPad, has 3-bet and 4-bet his way to a decent stack as well.

Tournament legend and recent WCoOP winner, PokerStars pro Jason Mercier, has had a rough day. Seated at a bad table with Erik Seidel, Joseph Cheong and Teddy Sheringham, Mercier has had his ups and downs but is currently around the 20,000 mark as we conclude play.

Team Full Tilt have been out in force, though more are of course expected tomorrow. Besides the Hendon Mob; Allen Cunningham, Chris Ferguson, Huck Seed and November Niner Filippo Candio have all nearly doubled their stacks. On the other hand, Howard Lederer himself, Full Tilt bossman, is struggling into Day 2 with scarcely 18,000 to his name. John Juanda battled a short stack for most of the day but seems to have broken even with about 31,000.

With 137 players registered today, we will need 225 to equal or break the 2007/8 attendance or 195 to match last year. Currently 79 players will return for Day 2 with Frenchman Nicolas Levi having nabbed the chip lead from countryman Arnaud Mattern in the last few hands; Levi is on almost 150,000.

Join us later for Day 1b where the likes of Phil Ivey and Daniel Negreanu will battle it out with home heroes Neil Channing and James Akenhead. We’ll be bringing you all the action from The Empire once more.

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