WSOP 2011 – ElkY wins $10k Stud and the Triple Crown

WSOP 2011 – ElkY wins $10k Stud and the Triple Crown

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Sacre Bleu! It’s not just British players winning Triple Crowns at the 2011 WSOP; Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier has joined Jake Cody after winning the similarly-tough $10,000 Stud Championship to give him his first WSOP bracelet along with his EPT and WPT titles. And SCOOP titles. And WCOOP titles.

The man has really won it all and last night he had to defeat a super-stacked final table to do so. After Men Nguyen bubbled the final table in ninth place we were still left with Alexander Kostritsyn, Chad Brown and Nick Schulman to contend with at the eight-handed final. Also, John Hennigan, who makes his first $10,000 final table since he finished fourth in the Main Event at the end of awful poker movie “Lucky You”.

Eventually ElkY ground his way to a heads-up battle with Steve Landfish and there the true grind began. The two played heads-up for several hours with each pot representing a chunk of the chips in play and swinging the lead back and forth like an old man in the gymnasium changing rooms. After close to four hours and after overcoming an incredible 25-1 chip disadvantage, ElkY won the only poker title he has yet to claim.

In the final hand, Landfish put the rest of his chips in with (As-4s)-3s and ElkY looked him up with a raggedy Jc-5c-9d. On fourth street Landfish got the nut flush draw while ElkY paired his five to take the lead; Landfish made his own pair on fifth street but it was only the four and not good enough. Sixth street gave ElkY two pair and Landfish needed a spade or an ace on the next two cards – his hopes were dashed on seventh when ElkY made a full house and left his opponent drawing dead.

The full final table payouts were as follows:

1.Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier - $331,639
2.Steve Landfish - $204,924
3.Maxwell Troy - $128,341
4.John Hennigan - $92,928
5.Alexander Kostritsyn - $72,627
6.Chad Brown - $57,917
7.Kevin Tang - $47,032
8.Chris Tryba - $38,812

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