WSOP 2011 – Darren Woods wins $2.5k Limit Hold ‘em 6-max

WSOP 2011 – Darren Woods wins $2.5k Limit Hold ‘em 6-max

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Nineteen events in and only three British bracelets? I can’t help but think they’re slacking. Darren Woods has secured Blighty’s third wrist-decoration of the 2011 WSOP after taking down the $2,500 Limit Hold ‘em 6-max event for $213,431. He beat Kim Nguyen heads-up which marks the second time a woman has been heads-up for a bracelet after Maria Ho this WSOP.

Notable online names Matt Matros and Richard “nutsinho” Lyndaker both busted before the final table, with the latter player bubbling the last six for $20,053. That left us a hextuple of players all with $27,720 more to their name than the previous day.

The blinds did more to eliminate players than anyone else at the final table before Nguyen and Woods did battle heads-up. After more than ninety minutes of heads-up play she 4-bet the rest of her short stack with Kc-2c and was in great shape against 4h-2h. The Kh-4d-6s flop kept her ahead and the jack of spades on the turn did the same before a four on the river gave Woods trips and left Nguyen with a disappointing bustout, albeit with $131,900.
The full final table payouts were as follows:

1.Darren Woods - $213,431
2.Kim Nguyen - $131,900
3.Samuel Golbuff - $85,616
4.Alexander Kuzmin - $57,236
5.Andrey Zaichenko - $39,317
6.Gabriel Nassif - $27,720

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