Marsha Wolak wins $1,000 Ladies’ Event for $192,344

Marsha Wolak wins $1,000 Ladies’ Event for $192,344

Monday, 4 July 2011

Not as unusually as you‘d expect, the $1,000 Ladies‘ Event drew a lot of attention this year. For the past couple of years it’s been under attack as men enter (some dressing in drag rather too convincingly, Shaun Deeb) knowing they cannot be turned away under discrimination laws. This year a man made the final table.

To the relief of the crowd, who booed him the entire way, Jonathan Epstein busted in ninth place (having been announced by the Tournament Director pre-final table as “single and unemployed, no surprises on either count”) after it was encouraged by tournament staff to harass, call the clock on and generally irritate him.

Eventually the event made it to heads-up between Karina Jett, who undoubtedly had the crowd on her side, and Marsha Wolak, who undoubtedly had the chip counts on her side. After just one hand she managed to end it all; Jett moved all-in with Ks-Td on a flop of Qd-Jd-8c with Wolak insta-calling Q-9. The ten on the turn improved her to a straight which held up for the title.

Wolak was actually knocked out of the 2010 Ladies’ Event by Shaun Deeb, so there’s some karma for you as she takes home nearly $200,000 and her first bracelet.

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