Shawn Busse wins Event #47, $1,000 NL, for $485,791

Shawn Busse wins Event #47, $1,000 NL, for $485,791

Thursday, 1 July 2010

It’s unusual for two chip leaders to finish in the bottom two places but that’s exactly what happened to Adam White and Allan Baekke. Arriving at the final table of Event #47 with big stacks, the two ran into coolers and mistimed some moves to become the first two players to hit the rail.

During this period it was Shawn Busse who emerged as chip leader, dominating the table to set up a heads-up confrontation with Owen Crowe. He began with a large chip deficit but managed to chip up well before his 7-7 held against Crowe’s A4o to match up the chip counts.

Shortly afterwards, Crowe was crippled in the biggest pot of the tournament. Busse raised it up before the flop and was called. Crowe lead out for 275,000 on the 8h-8x-5h flop before Busse raised to 725,000. Crowe didn’t back down, putting in a total of 1.54m before Busse moved in.

“I guess you have aces,” said Crowe. “So I call.” He showed Jh-9h for two overcards and a flush draw only to be shown Ah-Ad. He couldn’t find help on the turn or river and was crippled to barely two big blinds. In the next hand he moved in blind with 5h-3h and couldn’t outrun Busse’s A4o, settling for second place and $300,000.

The full final table payouts were as follows:
1. Shawn Busse $485,791
2. Owen Crowe $300,494
3. Pekka Ikonen $212,660
4. Chuan Shi $153,935
5. Wenlong Jin $112,720
6. Ilya Andreev $83,498
7. Jason Mann $62,553
8. Allan Bække $47,379
9. Adam White $36,287

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