Richard Ashby wins $1,500 Stud Event #21 for $140,000

Richard Ashby wins $1,500 Stud Event #21 for $140,000

Monday, 14 June 2010

James Dempsey is currently charging to the overnight chip lead in the $10,000 World Championship Omaha Hi/Lo Split 8-or-Better event but while he’s off gallivanting with quartered pots and minraises, British high stakes cash game player Richard Ashby has secured our little island a third WSOP bracelet.

Praz Bansi and Dempsey both took down large events to secure their gold trinkets and a hefty wedge of cash each but now Ashby has done what neither Neil Channing nor Stuart Rutter could quite manage; taking down a WSOP bracelet event.

Ashby fought his way through a relatively small but tough 408-strong field in order to pocket the $140,467 first place prize. He came to the final table third in chips and a little luck plus a lot of aggressive chipping up lead to him defeating Christine Pietsch heads-up to take it down.

Ashby, who plays as “Chufty” online and in July 2009 was online poker’s biggest winner with over $1.8m in cash game profits, won the event when his hidden queens paired with two board sevens to put his two pair ahead of Pietsch’s straight and flush draws. Bricks, bricks and more bricks on the billion other streets that Stud has meant Ashby was the winner.

The Watford man had this to say after collecting his maiden WSOP bracelet, "I have played so many tournaments. You put so much energy into something like this and to make it all the way through -- it means a lot to me to win this, so I’m really happy.”

When asked whether he'd swap his bracelet for an England victory in the World Cup his answer was "Definitely not!".

The full final table payouts were as follows:
1. Richard Ashby $140,467
2. Christine Pietsch $86,756
3. Darren Shebell $55,955
4. Dan Heimiller $40,544
5. Owais Ahmed $29,809
6. Sorel Mizzi $22,235
7. Pat Pezzin $16,826
8. Jon Turner $12,916

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