Event#6 - Tieman beats Channing to $5,000 NL Hold ‘em Shootout bracelet

Event#6 - Tieman beats Channing to $5,000 NL Hold ‘em Shootout bracelet

Friday, 4 June 2010

Unfortunately for the British contingent across the pond, neither Stuart Rutter nor Neil Channing could match Praz Bansi’s feat to take down a WSOP event. They both played their hearts out and Channing will still be happy with a quarter-million dollar payday for second place.

Channing and Rutter were representing the UK against US players Tieman, Brent Hanks and Joseph Elpayaa alongside Frenchman Nicolas Levi. They were the last six standing of the 36 who had started the previous day – these included such poker luminaries as John Duthie, Tom “durrrr” Dwan, James Akenhead, Dario Minieri and Chris Ferguson.

Unfortunately all those guys had to settle for a $16,607 payday as the winners of each of the six tables were reshuffled onto a final table paying out at least $71,998 and offering a huge $441,692 first prize. Hanks was the first to depart, shortly followed by Levi as Channing found himself on the short stack of the four remaining players.

However, he fought back to eventually reach a heads-up showdown with Tieman, who had him outchipped by a huge 6-1. Even the best of us struggle to fight back from such a disadvantage and by the time Channing put the rest of his stack in with As-7h he was outnumbered in chips by more than 10-1.

To make matters worse, Tieman had picked up Ah-Jc to leave Channing with slim pickings in the deck for cards to save him. The turn gave him an opportunity to split the pot by pairing the board but a rivered queen made Tieman the nut broadway straight, taking out Channing once and for all.
The full list of final table placings and payouts is as follows:

1. Joshua Tieman ($441,692)
2. Neil Channing ($273,153)
3. Stuart Rutter ($179,617)
4. Joseph Elpayaa ($125,387)
5. Nicolas Levi ($92,543)
6. Brent Hanks ($71,998)

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