Event #16 - $1.5k six-max NLHE sees Dave “DocSands” Sands with chips

Event #16 - $1.5k six-max NLHE sees Dave “DocSands” Sands with chips

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

If there was ever an event to get the online grinders out into the sunlight it was this; the 6-max NL event with a $1,500 buy-in. In the end there were 1,663 players to pony up the cash and create a first prize of $482,774.

After an action-packed first day, doubtless full of light 4-bets and balanced floating ranges, there are 146 players still in contention for a bracelet. Most notable is the presence of Dave “DocSands” Sands in sixth place on 118,000. The online tournament legend will be seeking to increase his online earnings of $1.8m with a near-half-million win here.

The players began the day with just 4,500 in chips which makes it mind-boggling that overnight chip leader Robert Teska managed to accumulate a huge stack of 221,000. Matt Hawrilenko, Mark Seif and JP Kelly join Sands for Day 2 today as does, surprisingly, 2007 world champion Jerry Yang.

The top five chip counts are as follows:

1 Roger Teska 221,000
2 Kevin Iacofano 165,000
3 Dorlan Schick 139,000
4 Tim Adams 138,900
5 Joseph Cheong 135,000

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