Bord claws back; Bord's friends leave.

Bord claws back; Bord's friends leave.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

The next few hands have seen Bord claw some back but two of his railbirds have been ordered out by Jack Effel: "I will not have slurs towards one of these players. You two are out." The bouncers did their thing.

Heads-up hand #7 - Bord raises to 160,000 and Baldassari 3-bets, getting a fold.

Heads-up hand #8 - Effel had to warn Bord's rail to keep it clean before this hand was dealt. We're sure The Empire's bar has served a fair few pints to these guys tonight: they didn't listen and two of them have been semi-forcibly removed for some Italian-based slurs towards Baldassari.

Fabrizio makes it 200,000 on the button and Bord calls for a 9-5-J flop, all spades. Bord bets 250,000 and the Italian called for a 5c turn. Bord checks and Baldassari makes a 350,000 bet. Bord calls fairly quickly and the river completes a 9-5-J-5-2 board with three spades.

Bord checked once more and Baldassri cut some 25,000 chips from his towering stacks to make a bet of 445,000. Bord calls with Jd-Ts and is shipped the pot. With that, stacks are more evened out - Baldassari has

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