WSOP Prize Winner to use Cash for Wedding

WSOP Prize Winner to use Cash for Wedding

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

When some people win one of the biggest poker prizes of their life they often do a number of things. Whether it's a run at the high stakes cash tables, a shiny new watch or a car, the thrill of hitting a big score is something that can often liberate a struggling grinder.

However, one player who will be using his winnings for a slightly different purpose is Gareth Tomlinson. The amateur player recently won Redtooth Poker's national Pub Poker Championship and along with a free trip to the WSOP he banked £5,000.

While the prospect of blowing the money on something lavish was tempting, Tomlinson admitted that he'll be acquiescing to his family's suggestions and getting married.

The aspiring grinder has been with his fiancé for a number of years and has three children and now that he has some money behind him a date for the wedding has been set.

Indeed, who knows, maybe if Tomlinson can parlay his victory into a WSOP bracelet it may mean an even more over the top wedding.

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