WSOP November Niner - Eoghan O'Dea

WSOP November Niner - Eoghan O'Dea

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The last Irishman standing at the World Series of Poker talks to Bluff Europe about his love of the Irish Open and why he definitely doesn’t want a full body wax.

How’s it been going since the World Series, Eoghan?

I think I’ve been improving at poker since the Series – cash game-wise certainly. Maybe it’s just that extra confidence you get from a really big result. So I feel like I’m playing better than I was this time last year. I’ve played a few large events – I was in Prague for a while, and Australia. I haven’t been running great in tournaments, but I’m doing well in the cash games, so all is good. I feel like I’m playing well.

What does the Irish Open mean to you?

Well, it’s one of the biggest events in Europe and its always loads of fun, great craic, the bar’s always packed, and you bump into people that you haven’t seen since the previous year, so as it’s a massive social occasion as well as a poker tournament, and it just has a great atmosphere.

The Sole Survivor promotion is a great thing. It just gives you extra value if you qualify online at – €100k of extra value is amazing. Some of these satellites are pretty easy as well, with lots of bad players.

Has it been a good tournament for you, historically?

No, funnily enough, the one year I cashed, I was really ill, I had food poisoning and I was running to the toilet every ten minutes. Day 1 was an absolute disaster, but I ended up cashing and I was like, “God, how did I get through that?”

Are you confident about your last longer bet with Niall?

I’m not keen on the full body wax forfeit. I might have to have words with Paddy Power about that. But it’ll be fun for people watching. Whoever throws the towel in first, so hopefully Niall will give up.

Qualify for the 2012 Irish Open

Be part of the craic and get yourself off to the Irish Open with the Last Chance Saloon qualifiers at Running from 18th March to 4th April, 75 seats are guaranteed over 11 tournaments, as well as an Irish Open Mega Sat on the 18th March with a whopping 30 seats guaranteed. Play six or more qualifiers to gain free entry to the Irish Open Very Last Chance Saloon, which guarantees one seat.

Remember, is once again running their Sole Survivor promo. If you qualify for the Irish Open on and manage to outlast all other online PPP qualifiers in the main event, you will win an additional €100,000 package, including cash and tournament buy-ins. You’d be mad to try to qualify anywhere else!

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