WSOP Finalist Selling Shares

WSOP Finalist Selling Shares

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

WSOP finalist Amir Lehavot has taken the unusual step of offering a stake in his action ahead of this year's Main Event finale. Although Amir has already secured himself at least $733,224 he is looking for people to purchase 30% of him before November's showdown.

While it seems like a deal that's too good to be true, Amir's offer does come with a few caveats that are worth considering. Indeed, for starters, he is charging $29,248 per 1% and, on top of that, he will be removing ninth place prize money from the equation.

In real terms this means that whatever Amir wins he will be subtracting $733,224 from it which means he's needs to finish fourth place of higher for an investor to see a return on their investment. This means if he finishes fourth an investor will receive their money back and if he finishes first a $29,248 investment will earn $76,263.

At present the terms of the deal are being hotly discussed in the forum thread Amir started yesterday with many suggesting that the deal is only good for him. However, Amir has defended his proposal, stating that the numbers are based on ICM calculations and that he has a clear edge on the field.

Regardless of how attractive the deal is it sounds like Amir is looking to squeeze out every ounce of equity he can before the biggest final table of his life.

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