WSOP Fantasy League from

WSOP Fantasy League from

Saturday, 26 May 2012

This year's World Series of Poker is just around the corner and is giving players a chance to bask in a bit of bracelet reflected glory courtesy of a new Fantasy League.

The new Facebook app gives players a nominal $100m to build a team of eight players from a pool of 200 big names with selections earning points throughout the 59 event series. An iPad is on offer for the overall winner with chipsets for a number of runners up. In addition to the overall contest, players can set up their own mini leagues and compete with friends.

“Fantasy sports are all the rage,” said Community Manager Dan Grant, “but the poker world is lacking its own established WSOP equivalent. While poker’s biggest stars are making history in Vegas in the coming weeks, we’ll be following their progress even more closely and sharing in their success. The Fantasy Poker League is our first Facebook app, and one that we hope thousands of players across the world will enjoy.”

There's still time to win a trip to Vegas with New players can also bag a first deposit bonus of up to to $500 by clicking here.

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