WSOP Europe Final Table Set

WSOP Europe Final Table Set

Thursday, 2 October 2008

So ‘The October Nine’ doesn’t quite have that same ring to it and sounds less like an elite, chosen few than an old 1950s B-Movie, but hey – the final table is set and everybody’s favourite Canadian poker player is in there. No, not Gavin Smith, although we like him.

Final tables are always an exciting time where the lucky last players fight out for the big money. When two of them are two of the best players in the game and there’s 9 WSOP Bracelets and millions in winnings at the table you know you’re in for a hell of a ride.

The favourite at this point (in my totally unbiased opinion) is Daniel Negreanu. I like the guy and he’s at his most dangerous now – he’s playing deepstacked, slow poker and he has solid reads on the entire table after four days of play. At this point he basically owns their souls. He already made a nice run in the £1,500 Hold ‘em event and he’s proved that isn’t a fluke. Barring bad luck, he’s got to have an edge over perhaps all but one player.

John Juanda plays calculated and precise poker; you won’t see him recklessly stack off or make an ill-timed bluff. His focus is incredible and at this point he can probably tell you what cards you’re going to be dealt before you even ante up: he clocked the shuffling patterns of the dealer six hours ago.

As an aside, it’s really good for poker to see one of the November Nine at the final table. I’m rooting for him to win the Main Event now as it’s less likely he’s luckboxed his way there. Go Ivan! But stack off to Daniel this time, I’ve got money on the kid.

Chip counts going into the final table of the WSOPE Main Event

1. John Juanda 1349000

2. Stanislav Alekhin 1278000

3. Ivan Demidov 1006000

4. Daniel Negreanu 1002000

5. Robin Keston 849000

6. Scott Fischman 732000

7. Toni Hiltunen 386000

8. Bengt Sonnert 385000

9. Chris Elliott 281000

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