WSOP Dealer Killed in Shooting

WSOP Dealer Killed in Shooting

Friday, 5 September 2014

One of the WSOP's most popular dealers, Elvis Joe, was tragically killed in his Las Vegas home on Wednesday.

According to reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal, Marjorie Fiora, a homeless woman from Las Vegas, is accused of shooting Joseph 'Elvis' Levine.

The incident took place around 18:00 on Wednesday evening after Fiora had been swimming nude in Levine's pool. Alongside Levine's two brothers, Fiora appeared to be relaxing in the pool while Levine stayed inside the house.

However, after exiting the pool, Fiora went inside and a few moments later a gunshot was heard. Levine's two brothers ran into the house and, according to police, wrestled the shotgun away from Fiora before she said "I have to kill him" and ran from the property.

Levine was taken to hospital, but died shortly after arrival. Police later found Fiora in a nearby garden wearing some stolen clothes. She is now being detained on charges of murder, burglary and home invasion and will face trial in the coming weeks.

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