WSOP 2015 Set to be a Record Breaker

WSOP 2015 Set to be a Record Breaker

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The new Colossus event could be the largest tournament in WSOP history. That's the prediction of the tournament festival's top brass who recently ran through the finer points of this year's event during a media call.

Throughout the conference call the likes of Ty Stewart, Jack Effel and Bill Rini explained some of the changes that will be in place this year, one of which was the $565 Colossus with a $5 million guarantee. Projected to be one of the largest live poker tournaments in history even before the registration desks opened, the organisers confirmed last night that it is already on course to top the 2006 Main Event.

Back when Jamie Gold took down the largest prize in WSOP Main Event history, a staggering 8,773 runners were involved in the action. That was poker's peak and since then the game has struggled to match that high.

However, in recent years, attendance figures have improved and, according to Stewart, there are already as many people registered for the Colossus as the 2006 WSOP Main Event. Not only that, but because the tournament will allow up to four entries per person, that figure could increase dramatically when the cards finally go in the air.

Although the WSOP's experts stopped short of putting a potential figure on the new event, all the signs are that the prize, moreover, records will be broken.

"If [the Colossus] is not, by a large margin, the largest live tournament in the history of poker, it would be a disappointment," said WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart.

To further add a ting of anticipation to the mammoth event, members of the press were also informed during the call that hotel bookings are also double what they were last year. With a huge influx of players expected when the festival gets underway, the overall vibe seems to be one of overwhelming positivity and optimism.

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