WPT's Amateurs Attacked by Hackers

WPT's Amateurs Attacked by Hackers

Monday, 6 January 2014

The World Poker Tour's Amateur Poker League was attacked by cyber criminals last week according to a story on Cyber War News.

According to the post the play money gaming site was hacked into by a group of computer experts who proceeded to post the email addresses and passwords of 175,333 users.

The information was posted through the Twitter account @smitt3nz but it seems that the attack was simply an exercise in exposing weak passwords. Indeed, after posting the data, @smitt3nz wrote "175,333 unencrypted passwords…when will people learn?"

Although the WPTAPL have yet to publicly respond to the incident, it's believed that 46,901 of the accounts all had the same password which experts think is the default reset details for the site. Thus, while the hack has exposed a flaw in the current system, it does seem that far few accounts have been compromised than first expected.

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