WPT National London’s Final Table Set

WPT National London’s Final Table Set

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Aspers Casino was awash with contrasting emotions yesterday as 19 players found themselves the wrong side of variance in the WPT National London event, while eight still have it all to play for.

In a yin and yang style synergy, the rise of one player meant the demise of another as the final table of the £1,500+£150 tournament drew ever closer. Indeed, as the starting 27 boiled down to below 20, one of the field’s remaining women surrendered her chips.

After watching the action fold to Elior Sion in late position, Xuan Nguyen decided to three-bet all-in over the top of her opponent’s raise with pocket tens. The remaining players quickly got out of the way, leaving Sion to call with A-Q.

Surviving the flop, Nguyen’s chance of being the last woman standing and making the final table were dashed when an ace on the river swung the advantage over to Sion. Eventually a blank river finished the hand, sent Nguyen to the rail and made Emma Tolley the lone female in the pack.

Indeed, as if spurred on by Nguyen’s departure, Tolley soon found herself in the final eight with a competitive stack of 513,000, behind the likes of Rasmus Larson (1,268,000) and Elior Sion (1,731,000).

Also joining today’s finale thanks to a fantastic call in the final throws of yesterday’s session was Reece Lewis.

After three betting with As-Qc against Yann Del Ray’s open, the pair watched as the dealer spread a Ks 3s 5d flop. Content to play it passively, both players decided to check and watch as the 10c fell on the turn. At this point Del Ray decided to bet 17,500 into the 50,000+ pot, prompting a call from Lewis.

The 3d on the river completed the board but not the action as Del Ray bet for a second time. Unsure where he stood, Lewis contemplated the move for a second before committing 26,500 chips to the pot with just ace high. After a few second Del Ray exposed Qh-Jh to give the pot to Lewis and the table something to think about.

The final table will also feature the familiar figures of Sky Poker pundit Carlo Citrone and Black Belt Poker's Kevin Williams.

Today’s session will play down to a winner who will walk away with a bankroll boosting £80,000.

Final table seat draw:
Seat 1: Elior Sion – 1,731,000
Seat 2: Emma Tolley – 513,000
Seat 3: Reece Lewis – 692,000
Seat 4: Carlo Citrone – 66,000
Seat 5: Robin Fisher – 473,000
Seat 6: Kevin Williams – 394,000
Seat 7: Wang Weikang – 300,000
Seat 8: Rasmus Larson – 1,268,000

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