WPT Legends of Poker Day 4: Suckouts, Eliminations and Monster Pots

WPT Legends of Poker Day 4: Suckouts, Eliminations and Monster Pots

Thursday, 28 August 2008

With the opportunity to make a televised WPT final table within touching distance, you would expect a certain amount of tension to set in There was no sign of that at the Bicycle Casino yesterday though, with players heading for the exits in super quick time.

Those who came into the day with short stacks were soon on their way out, with Ben Fineman and Adam Weinraub unable to improve their fortunes. The elimination of Ron Jenkins was unexpected though, after a monster pot against Amit Makhija went the wrong way. Jenkins was caught making a move at a pot with a huge draw; Makhija made an impressive call with top pair, and was propelled to the chip lead after it held up on the river.

The elimination of Allen Cunningham meant the biggest name player in the tournament was out of contention, finishing in 24th. He was followed shortly after by Mario Ho and a wave of other short stacks unable to get the critical double-up.

When the final table of nine had been set, play became more cagey, with the next elimination only coming after a bad beat for Layne Flack and his pocket Aces. In what could prove to be a key pot for John Phan, all of the money went in preflop, with Flack’s aces having to dodge the two sevens in the deck, needed for Phan’s walking sticks. When one seven arrived on the flop, Flack was left needing a miracle of his own. The second seven literally turned up though on fourth street, putting Flack out of his misery one card earlier.

A couple of eliminations later, and the televised table had been set. Here are the chip counts and seat allocations for the Legends of Poker finale:

Seat 1: Trong Nguyen - 980,000
Seat 2: Amit Makhija - 3,225,000
Seat 3: Paul Smith - 1,130,000
Seat 4: John Phan - 2,415,000
Seat 5: Zachary Clark - 2,025,000
Seat 6: Kyle Wilson - 1,425,000

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