WPT Festa al Lago Allows Late Registration

WPT Festa al Lago Allows Late Registration

Thursday, 22 October 2009

The WPT has been trying very hard to improve – at the Borgata Open, the guarantee was upped and the buy-in was lowered. To their credit, it worked, and the prize pool was exceeded as over 1,000 players took to the felt.

A new change has been brought in now, allowing players to register all the way up until the ninth 90-minute level of Day 2, receiving the original 60,000 stack – with blinds at 600/1,200 it’s still sizeable.

"We had always taken buy-ins up until the fourth level," said Bellagio Tournament Director Jack McClelland. "A lot of the higher limit players would rather start at a higher level. They felt like they were wasting their time with 50/100, so they would just come in after two or three levels and play out the end of the first day.

"So it was suggested that they just be allowed to buy in the second day and we figured, what was the difference? We just wanted to give the players as many options as possible."

Team PokerStars PRO Daniel Negreanu, tournament pwner extraordinaire, thinks it’s a good idea. However, Jason Mercier – perhaps one of the only players besides Phil Ivey who’s been killing it in tournaments as hard as Negreanu recently- thinks that buying in late would be a mistake.

Do you skip the lowest levels of tournaments or begin your stack-building from the very first hand? Discuss in our forums.

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