WPT Borgata Poker Open – Final Table Set

WPT Borgata Poker Open – Final Table Set

Thursday, 18 September 2008

The tournament began with one of the most leisurely structures on the circuit; a whopping 40,000 starting chips and 75 minute levels allowed plenty of scope for play. How ironic then that the final table could be one massive shove fest, as the blinds for the final six have crept as high as 60,000-120,000 with a running 10,000 ante.

This year the final ten were even more reluctant to miss out on their chance to make it to a WPT final table, with the TV bubble only being burst after five hours of play. The final six have been decided, and these are the chip counts heading into the 'Lipscomb Lights':

Seat 1: Vivek Rajkumar - 6,480,000
Seat 2: Dan Heimiller - 3,360,000
Seat 3: Andrew Knee - 1,475,000
Seat 4: Mark Seif - 4,665,000
Seat 5: Jason Strochak - 1,650,000
Seat 6: Sang Kim – 3,085,000

Mark Seif is certainly the best known of the players, but don't underestimate online tournament wizard and chip leader Vivek 'psychoduck' Rajkumar. The action is sure to be fast and furious though, with the short stack only having 12 big blinds. Blink and you might just miss it.

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