WPT And DSPT Join Forces

WPT And DSPT Join Forces

Thursday, 1 May 2014

The World Poker Tour (WPT) has signed a deal that will see it work with America’s DeepStacks Poker Tour (DSPT) to develop a unique set of events christened the WPTDeepStacks that will take the place of the WPT Regional and DSPT Series brands.

Known across the United States as a leading mid-stakes poker tour operator, the DSPT revealed that the new series will offer players even more opportunities to take part in world-class events with bigger prize pools for only a fraction of the normal buy-in cost.

Overall, the WPTDeepStacks series is to be marketed as a grassroots tour catering to players at the lower end of the buy-in spectrum while additionally serving as a feeder for larger buy-in events such as those seen on the WPT.

“This project puts that whole mid-major industry on a whole different level,” said Chris Torina, President for DSPT.

“I think that this really offers the low to medium buy-in player a really exclusive opportunity that they would only get if they had entered a $5,000 or $10,000 event.”

Moving forward, the remaining events on the 2014 DSPT schedule including the forthcoming leg in Newcastle will now fall under the WPTDeepStacks banner while around 20 events are expected to be added to the 2015 schedule.

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