WCOOP finishes in dramatic fashion

WCOOP finishes in dramatic fashion

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The 2012 WCOOP at PokerStars drew to a close in suitably spectacular style yesterday with two massive events featuring a combined prize pool of over $11m!

106 out of the 9,659 starters resumed battle in the $215 Sunday Million replacement yesterday competing for a hefty share of a prize pool of $1,913,800. Yesterday's chip leader coming in, "Aku1206” ended up coming in 10th for $10k, with high-stakes MTT pro "niccc" finishing in 3rd for $144k, after losing a big flip with AQo to pocket eights.

With no deal being made, Eric “jakz101" Crain took it down for $281,524.39, beating "Yazid105" in a swingy heads up battle. The final hand saw Eric's A2 catch an ace on the river against the pocket tens of Yazid that got it in pre-flop. However, Yazid can’t complain too much about bad fortune though. He got lucky in a big hand just before that where he 4-bet jammed 8,10 on a flop of J,J,Q against Eric's J,3, and caught a 9 on the turn. Yazid still took away a huge score of $205,744.

In the $5200 Main Event, an enormous prize pool of of $9,125,000 was made up from 1825 players, 245 of whom remained at the start of Day 2. The 245 were packed with many of the biggest online names. On the final table, after deal talking that took almost an hour, the final payouts were as follows:

maratik $1,000,907
TheCart3r 2nd $662,516
Jossel2008 3rd $814,602
munchenHB 4th $1,000,584
Sly caveat 5th $601,885
FOO-92 6th $502,900
Kakalala 7th $182,500
Philip "takechip" D'auteil 8th $136,875
mitdadu 9th $91,250

As the chip leader coming into yesterday, “munchenHB" held the lead up until the first half of the final table, and managed to negotiate himself the best deal.

As the winner, “maratik” took an extra $100k after the deal, just edging the biggest prize. His story is actually quite amazing, as he has an average tournament buy-in of around $20, and satellited into the Main Event using Frequent Player Points, and turned them into over $1,000,000.

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