WCOOP Awards High Roller Prize

WCOOP Awards High Roller Prize

Thursday, 17 September 2015

The World Championship Of Online Poker (WCOOP) from PokerStars is currently in full swing and with 29 events down the biggest money winner is destined to be 'tobi123456'.

After anteing up in Event #25, the $10,300 buy-in no-limit hold'em high-roller event with optional re-entries, the German managed to outlast the 339 other competitors in the 8-max contest to secure a pay-day worth $654,500.

Despite finding himself at a final table stacked with talent in the form of Andrew Lichtenberger, Alexandros Kolonias and the UK's Billy Chattaway, 'tobi123456' was able to keep his cool and cruise to a comfortable victory.

After watching the likes of Chattaway fall away in fourth, it looked as though 'tobi123456' or Lichtenberger were going to run away with the title. Indeed, both seemed intent on pressuring Kolonias out of the match as his stack would help secure the lead heads-up.

Eventually that honour fell to Lichtenberger who managed to outrace Kolonias's Ah Kd with a pair of tens. After seeing off the Mexican pro, it was Lichtenberger who held the chip lead heads-up but this advantage wasn't to remain for long as 'tobi123456' pulled even within a few hands.

Now able to push back against the more experienced Lichtenberger, 'tobi123456' soon took control of the match and after a flurry of action finally secured the title with pocket nines. With Lichtenberger content to move all-in with Kc Jc, 'tobi123456' called with nines and watched as the board ran out 7c 7d 5c 2h 2s.

With his opponent out of chips and virtual confetti raining down, the jubilant German was able to celebrate a major online title and a top prize worth $654,500.

WCOOP Event #25 Result:

1. 'tobi123456' (Germany) $654,500

2. Andrew 'RunThisTable' Lichtenberger (USA) $484,500

3. Alexandros 'mexican222' Kolonias (Mexico) $365,500

4. Billy 'b8chatz' Chattaway (UK) $263,500

5. 'Tomatee' (Uruguay) $178,500

6. 'ICEMAN2710' (Russia) $127,500

7. 'elmerixx' (Finland) $93,500

8. 'whereisdonny' (Thailand) $76,500

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